Enrollment Procedures

1. For general inquiries (e.g courses, programs, fees, payment scheme, etc), please proceed to the MARKETING OFFICE.

2. Fill up Application Form (white).

3. Upon inquiry and/or application, the following documents are required:

(to be submitted to Guidance Office)

  • Fully accomplished Application Form
  • Two (2) Recommendation Letters from: 1) Prefect of Discipline/Student Formator/Discipline Officer; 2) Class Adviser or Guidance Counselor
  • Photocopy of Report Card (Form 138) of at least 2nd quarter grades
  • Four (4) recent and identical copies of 2×2 I.D. picture, colored with white background
  • NCAE result
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character
  • Medical Certificate
  • Income Tax Return (ITR) of Parents or Legal Guardian
  • Certification of Tax Exemption
  • (if parents or guardian are unemployed) Municipal Certification of Unemployment

(to be submitted to Registrar’s Office)

  • Two (2) photocopies of PSA/NSO birth certificate
  • Two (2) photocopies of Baptismal Certificate for Catholics and waiver for Non-Catholics
  • Original Report Card (Form 138)

4. MARKETING will then issue Test Permit to applicant.

5. Proceed to Finance Department/Accounting.

1. Present Test Permit (green) and pay corresponding entrance fee.

2. Proceed to Guidance Office for testing.

1. Submit the required documents to Guidance (refer to STEP 1)

2. After testing, Guidance will issue Admission Status (pink form) and Acceptance Letter.

3. Proceed to Registrar’s Office.

1.       Fill up Registration Form (yellow). In case of minors, parents or legal guardian will fill up Registration Form.

2.       Submit required documents to Registrar (refer to STEP 1)

3.       Registrar issues Assessment Form in triplicate copy.

4.       Proceed to Finance Department/Accounting.

1. Present Registration Form (yellow).

2. Pay corresponding fees.

3. A list of requirements will be provided by Finance/Accounting (i.e. List of books, ID picture requirements, uniform fitting, Schedule of Activities, etc).